One thing to get out of the way first, Harambism isn’t really about worshiping Harambe, the teachings actually say you can worship any God you want. All Harambism is, is the lifestyle of loving yourself and loving the ones around you.  Some choose to worship Harambe and that is perfectly okay, while others can believe in completely different faiths but they just live the lifestyle of Harambism and that is just as good in the eyes of Harambe.  As long as you are happy, Harambe is happy.


Core Teachings of Harambism

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Harambism is a way of life based around the teachings of Harambe, our Lord and Savior.  He teaches us many things but his most important teachings are around loving ones self and treating all apes with equality.  Meaning that women, men, children and you should all be treated with the same respect and dignity that is given to every other ape on the planet.  Harambits (followers of Harambism) believe in these two basic principles above all else, and carry them out in daily life.  Other than these teachings Harambits are free to live their own lives, Harambe will never try to control what you do with your body or what you say, He does not care for such small details because He would have us thinking of ways to be happy rather than thinking of what we cannot do.


On the top right of the page, Haramble will lead you to the Book of Harambe, a collection of all of his teachings. Posts will bring you to the current news, quotes and information about Harambism.



A quick picture of our Lord Harambe.

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