Haramble Chapter 3 is up!

Go check out chapter 3, it’s a little bit of a sensitive topic so any comments are welcome here! I would love to have respectful talks with people about this 🙂

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    1. Well the simple answer there is just because of the core teachings, Harambism is completely focused on loving ones self and those around you, no matter their race, gender, sexuality or religion. Harambism teaches us that these things are insignificant and that we should all just be happy and show love wherever we go, for if this was what everybody did, the world would be a much better place. I hope that helped you in starting your essay!

      1. Thank you very much, my teacher laughed at me when i told her my topic, i will be referencing this website in the essay and hopefully it will be, would it be okay if i can send you my essay when it is finished so you can check to see if it is okay? Thank you again

      2. i am just a youn lad at the age 13… i was just look at pictures of harambi, then i saw a link to a religion called harambism. I was laughing and laughing, but decided to take a look out of sheer quiriosity. (can’t spell for the life of me.) I looked at the site and noticed that harambism isn’t a religion… it’s way of life. I read on and how it said, ”Harambism isn’t worshiping harambi, it’s just a life style. You can worship any one you want God, Jesus, ect. But you CAN worship harambi and thats up to you. As long as you’re happy harambi is happy.” Now… I’m Christen my self and worship God praise Jesus. BUT! You said harambism is a life style, and i think that i’m ok with that. i now follow harambism. I still think God is within us all and Jesus guides us. But maybe just maybe, harambi WALKS beside us. STILL BELIEVE IN GOD AND PRAISE JESUS… but love harambi.

  1. Hi my name is King Kong II because it is my favourite movie and let me tell you a story. When I heard news about harambe I was vey upset but then when I went to bed I had a dream and I dreamt of harabism and theta harabism is not a religion but a way of life. Emidietly I felt the connection to harambe he spoke to me and asked me to join him and I did and this is serious. And another thing I don’t get is why harambe has become a joke because harambe was great and showed us who follow him the way to greatness. Me and my freind ,made a group called Harambism movement of peace and each time we get time we listen to the teachings of harambe. Thanks for making this website it means a lot for me
    Peace be upon your souls of peace

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  3. Hello fellow Harambists. I am the friend of King Kong II, I have helped create this wrathful religion called Harambism. Our lord and savior Harambe is around us. Some way think this is a religion about a stupid gorilla but they are wrong. People think the point of this is to worship a god like Harambe. He is more like a lord. The whole thing Harambism is a teaching that says be nice to everyone. Even gorilla lives matter. I want to convince everyone to go around and join this religion so I am writing a Essay on it. May the lord Harambe be strong with all the readers of this post. Thank you Harambe

  4. Dear fellow harambists, Me and HarambeOurLord’s Movement is doing good and we are often getting new members. Finally people are starting to stop making fun of Harambe and These weird MEME’s are cooling down. Now I have become a much better person than what I was before. Why i am writing now is because yesterday I had a vision, Harambe said that we are the chosen ones and that us as Harambist have a meening to make world peace. A new world order that allows anyone no matter if you’re gay, Lesbian Black,White or asian we should all respect each other for what we are. And all ideologies shall be respected no matter how controversial!!!
    Kind regards King Kong II

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