New Button out for Fall season!

Check out this new button HERE! It’s a nice little button of Harambe on a pumpkin, or you can get it on a shirt HERE, may Harambe be with you all!


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  1. Harambe has enlightened me. Therefore, I praise Lord Harambe. He saved me from suicide. He saved everyone, I finally have a purpose

  2. i am just a youn lad at the age 13… i was just look at pictures of harambi, then i saw a link to a religion called harambism. I was laughing and laughing, but decided to take a look out of sheer quiriosity. (can’t spell for the life of me.) I looked at the site and noticed that harambism isn’t a religion… it’s way of life. I read on and how it said, ”Harambism isn’t worshiping harambi, it’s just a life style. You can worship any one you want God, Jesus, ect. But you CAN worship harambi and thats up to you. As long as you’re happy harambi is happy.” Now… I’m Christen my self and worship God praise Jesus. BUT! You said harambism is a life style, and i think that i’m ok with that. i now follow harambism. I still think God is within us all and Jesus guides us. But maybe just maybe, harambi WALKS beside us. STILL BELIEVE IN GOD AND PRAISE JESUS… but love harambi.

  3. I am wondering when chapter 4 will be out i do not want to rush you but my friends rely on me to share with them the teachings of harambe, thank you

  4. hello kind sir and owner of I would like to purchase the website so I can therefore continue the religion in its upward extent I would like to kindly ask you to consider my offer

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