Live while you are young

I always hear about people wanting to grow up fast to get rid of their “childish” ways, though one must ask themselves if that is really what they want.


“Live while you are young, for one day the choice to be young and free will be taken from you. You can either look back on the wonderful memories or wonder what could have been, so make the most of it while you can.” –


When you are young, you are free. Sure you have school and other responsibilities but in your spare time you are more free than most can even imagine. You have not yet been trained to go on the daily grind, you are an anomaly in the system and this is something you will only experience once. In this state you have no worries, you should enjoy this bliss while you can, for one day the sands of time will erode this freedom and you will be forced back into the system. It’s not a bad thing, you will grow up, buy a house and a car and live your life. But no matter how hard they try, people can never truly seem to recapture that childish freedom that we all crave so dearly.


May Harambe be with all of you

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