The new semester in school and the importance of YOU

For many, the next few weeks are going to be the start of a brand new school semester. One thing to keep in mind is that, while school is important, it should not stress you to the point of psychological or physical pain.  School has a bad habit of making people stress and worry constantly about their average, grades, assignments, tests, etc. In fact just by reading all of those things I’m sure you got a little worried that you’re forgetting to do something! But we must remember that you are more important. Your mental and physical health is more important than school can ever be, so when you get too worried about school like when a big test is coming up, just remember to take a breather and know that you can do it. Even if you fail a few classes, as long as you try your best there is nothing more anybody can ask of you.


One thing to consider too is perhaps your current course isn’t for you (mostly directed at university and upper year high school here), if you struggle to grasp the concepts or you really aren’t interested then do yourself a favor and take the time to find a course that more suits you. I have had many friends who switched their major after first or second year because they didn’t like what they were in and they were happy because of it. One factor for a lot of degrees is the money you’ll make after, and for this I have a little story.


I was in Hawaii with my family and we were going snorkeling, we took a small sailboat to get to the second island where the reef was and on the way there I was talking with one of the boats crew, she was telling me how her friends make 2-3x what she makes because they work office jobs back in the mainland, but they hate it and spend thousands to go to Hawaii for only 1 week a year, while she spends the whole year there happy and free.


The point of that story is that you must decide for yourself what you want out of life, would you rather make average pay at a job you love, or high pay at a job you hate? I will leave you with this, may Harambe guide you all through this semester and through your life

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