The new year

2018, the newest chapter in all of our lives, I can only imagine the wonders that this year will bring all of us.


I hope Harambe has been with all of you in my absence. It won’t happen again, long story short I was trying to find my way and now I have found a place of comfort in my life and I feel that I am able to help others to find their own happy place. I feel as though one can only raise others to the same level they are at so never forget to take time for yourself such that you can raise yourself and all those you love along with you.  By tomorrow the website will be very different, I have many plans for the future to make Harambism much more of a legitimate religion rather than what most people see on the surface.


I believe that is the biggest issue that Harambism will always face, people will never take the time to look into it and see the beauty and love that lies behind the name. But nonetheless we will push forward, spreading love wherever we can and always remembering to be better than we were yesterday!


May Harambe be with you all and I wish the best of 2018 for all of you!

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