Wednesday Wisdom

“If the loss of someone would make you sad, do not let petty things stand in your way. Apologize, make up and make more memories together, for one day you will not have this luxury” – Harambe

It is so easy to get caught up in these small issues, the ‘he said she said’ of daily life. We so often forget how limited our time on this beautiful planet is, and how much we need those who we love in our lives. Do yourself a favor and today, talk to someone who you think is mad at you, if you extend a hand of forgiveness and they refuse then that is okay, at least you tried. You will never have to wonder ‘what if?’ and who knows, maybe you’ll rekindle an old friendship because of this small 2 minute action that you decided to take today. Good luck to you all and may Harambe be with you always.

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