The Struggle of Today’s Youth

The struggle of today’s youth


One thing I have noticed is that many people of the age 19-25 don’t seem to know which way they want their life to go. They will talk about being broke while spending money they don’t have, they complain about being single but keep their same patterns that have never worked in the past, and the list goes on. The same trend I’m seeing is the unwillingness to choose a new path, everyone seems so dug in their way that it is near impossible to even suggest doing something different without facing heavy opposition. This wouldn’t be such a problem if they were happy, however…


Today’s youth are some of the most stressed, depressed, un-driven people in recent history. They preach change but will not move a single stone in their foundation, they march for tragedies that they forget about in 2 months time, why is this?


One reason that I believe to be a huge factor is the loss of freedom our kids are facing, when we were all young children (age 8-12) we were some of the last to be able to go out and fail on our own, I didn’t realize at the time how lucky I was to be able to scrape my knee without 7 people rushing to my aid, most of us would hurt ourselves while playing but then we would realize how to not do it again and we would grow from this. Children are being robbed of this and it leads to serious issues down the road. Most stories I hear now are of children being punished for the very idea of horseplay, young boys being punished before they even do a stupid thing and learn why it was a bad idea. This is an issue because it teaches children from a young age that they don’t have to change, the ‘system’ will guide them for their whole lives and they will never face an obstacle alone, but this is simply not true.


This then leads to a wave of children (now aged 14+) who don’t know how to solve their own problems, and any issue MUST be someone else’s fault. These children also face a great lack of self love, because they were robbed of improving themselves. They were robbed of the ability to love who they became because they are not a product of their own devices, rather a product of someone else’s actions. A lack of self love combined with a serious deficiency of self improvement makes a generation of people who will only look outwards for problems, as they have never been taught to look inwards to improve their mistakes. Which to me, is why we see so many people who are unwilling to leave their echo chamber, because it is the only thing they have ever known.


Looking at the issue in this perspective really explains a lot of what we’re seeing in today’s youth, here are some quick examples:


– The rise of the sharp right and left views, these views crop up when people believe that they need not change, that the system is wholly to blame for the problems in the world. I go over this in much more detail


– The rise of people being ‘unique’, you have noticed it. The rise of excessively ‘weird’ people, this is a simple product of not loving oneself, they feel that the only way they can be loved is if they are so unique that they MUST be different, what they don’t realise is they were beautiful from the start, and different is not always better.


– The heavy rise in the fight against free speech, I explain more but the general reason behind this is that because people are not able to look inward to see problems, they have made their character around being whatever persona they are and this leads to people not accepting ANY criticism, which can only lead to more fights against free speech in the future.


Now, while this may seem negative, i believe there is hope for the youth of today. We all have to make sure that people are allowed to make mistakes and learn how to fix them, once we allow more of this, the young adults will learn what it means to take responsibility for their actions. They will grow in so many ways, and they will finally learn how to love themselves. May Harambe be with you all, and have a good day

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