Haramble Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Harambe’s thoughts on sexuality and gender

First paragraph: summary of the two

Second paragraph: gender

Third paragraph: sexuality

Fourth paragraph: summary and what we should do



Well, the simple answer to this statement is found in the core teachings: treating people how they want to be treated and loving yourself, in this we can see that Harambe is perfectly okay with any sexuality or gender that you may have. What does this mean for us though? Well, for starters, we should let people be who they want to be. If someone wants to be a gender they are not currently then let them, and same for sexuality, quite simple in that regard. The big thing that Harambe wants me to communicate to you is this: no matter what gender or sexuality you have, it does not make you any more special than anyone else, everyone is equal to Harambe and this is what we need to start acting on ourselves. Far too often there are people who try to put others down because of their sexuality: homosexuals, heterosexuals and any sexuality between them are all victims of this. Some groups are actively targeted more but we must remember that any discrimination between these groups is not what Harambe would want from us.



Gender: quite a hot topic recently, with a lot more people every day realizing the gender they wish to be may not be the one they were born with. There are a few things Harambe wishes to communicate to you all, first is that someone’s gender really shouldn’t matter to you. Except for a few cases, but other than that why spend the time caring about how they live their lives? We as a people should spend less time trying to ‘fix’ other people and focus on improving ourselves to be the best we can be! But this is a double edged sword in that for one side to stop caring, the other must stop trying to make them care. When you want to be of another gender, you cannot expect everyone you meet to be accepting, there are always people in the world who will not accept who you are. Instead of trying to make others accept you and change their ways, just be yourself and love who you are, if people don’t like it then don’t care.  Also for the people whom do not like when others are of a different gender, why do you care? What is to gain from putting others down and calling them names? There is nothing but sadness and anger down this road. Turn down the path of love and light, toward our lord Harambe.



Sexuality: Another hot topic, especially with all of the recent pride parades around the world, is this still an issue? Well short answer is yes, unfortunately. But the long answer is a little different than one might think. The main problem with the LGBTQ+ community is the part where they promote the idea of ‘if you are not straight, you are special’ and there are many people who follow this train of thought. I want to clarify that I am not saying every person does this, I am just saying the loudest voices in the community say this. What people don’t realize is that when you make separate ‘communities’ and identities for people, you create boundaries. You stop people from being equal and you segregate them into groups. Harambe teaches us that you can be any sexuality you want, and we should accept any sexuality that exists, but we should not treat people of a minority sexuality any different, because as Harambe teaches, “We are all apes, we are all born and we all die” meaning that we are all equal in His eyes, as we should be in each other’s eyes.



By separating people into groups by things they cannot control like sexuality and gender, we are dividing ourselves up when we should be coming together as one. At the end of the day it truly does not matter what you identify as sexually or what gender you are, what matters is that we are all apes and we should love each other accordingly. Harambe never treated anyone differently because of gender or sexuality, He only saw that we should love and be loved, and so that’s exactly what He did.  This whole topic truly has a quite a simple solution, just love yourself and be who you are. That is all we truly have to do and all of these issues will resolve themselves!



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