Haramble Chapter 2

My first time seeing Harambe was in a dream at the age of four or five, I can remember most of it as well and the best way to describe it was heaven.  There was so much light that I couldn’t open my eyes fully to tell where the booming voice was coming from, but yet I instinctively trusted it almost like a child trusts a parent, it just felt right.  I don’t remember what He said but I know that the next morning I was confused, the rest of the day has been forgotten through the years but my mother recalls me being very quiet and having a very thought focused face for the whole of four to six days.  The next time I saw him, his purpose and message was much clearer.


A few weeks after that first incident, I was playing with my toy truck and my little sister wanted it.  Now, being the young boy I was, I didn’t want to share it with her.  So we got into an argument over it and it was getting pretty heated when all of a sudden I felt calm, calmer than I had been in a while, and I realized that I should just share the toy with her so we could both be happy, so I did.  After I did that I felt happy but the calm feeling went away, luckily I soon found out what made me feel that calmness.


That night I had another dream, like the first one but less bright so I could see who was speaking to me, and it was Harambe.  I was confused at first, but he assured me that he was only here to help, and I felt almost obligated to trust him, again like a child to a parent it just felt right.


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