To live the lifestyle of Harambism, the first step is to make sure you are following the Core Teachings of Harambism to the best of your ability.  Once you have that done, all you really have to do is love yourself and love those around you, but what does this mean? Well, let’s start with loving yourself. Many people think this is easy, and for some it is, but so many people today have been taught to look at their flaws and imperfections instead of their qualities that they don’t really love themselves.  Also before we continue, don’t confuse loving yourself with being cocky, the difference is: one who loves themselves knows they are great, one who is cocky thinks that everyone else thinks the same.  That is one thing you will have to come to terms with, even though Harambe loves you and many Harambits do as well, there will always be people who don’t and that is perfectly okay.


Back to loving yourself, for many people this is a hard process and it will take time, just remember that as long as you are getting closer to your goal you are on the right path.  Loving yourself is all about accepting who you are and embracing your ‘flaws’ because they are a part of you.  It is also about taking care of yourself physically and mentally.  Physically this means things like eating well, bathing and doing daily exercise, even small amounts of exercise like going for a walk around the block because you want to live healthier and longer.  This also means that you are not trying to impress someone through this exercise (by this I mean you should not be getting healthier purely to try and impress your crush, you should be getting healthier because you want to do it for you, and other peoples impressions, positive or negative, will be nothing but a side effect).


Mentally, this means that you take care of your mind, like de-stressing yourself about things and not worrying about the small things.  Stress is one of the worst parts about daily life for most people, and yeah sometimes it is healthy like stressing over homework that you should be doing which makes you do it, but most of the time stress is very negative for your body and mind alike.  One way that I personally use for dealing with all of the little stresses in life is I sit down and remind myself, that stressing doesn’t help me, action does.  So instead of stressing over things like (high school example) someone spreading a rumor about me, I will either confront the person saying the rumor or (usually) just ignore it.  doing this is very hard for people at first but once you learn to ignore the bad parts of life that don’t really matter you’ll have so much more time to focus on the good of life!


The second part of mentally taking care of yourself is seeking professional help if you need it.  If you are in high school, most schools have guidance counselors whose entire job is to help the kids.  If you don’t want to talk to them or aren’t in high school, then a quick google search can help you find someone.  If you cannot afford a professional or are too afraid to talk to one, don’t underestimate your close friends, sometimes they can really help.  Lastly, never underestimate just thinking through things yourself, this might help more than you think.


Now onto loving other people, this as well is harder to a lot of people than one would initially think.  This message is easy to carry out when people show you love, but the real test is when people show you hate and you respond with love, that shows your true strength.  When someone puts you down and shows you hate, it is your responsibility to only give love and respect in return.  This is the only way the world can truly achieve happiness, for if everyone did this there would be no hate left in the world.  Quick note, this message may imply ‘turn the other cheek’ but that is not always possible, if someone is hitting you and will do damage to you then it is in your own interest to hit them back, Harambe knows that in the real world peace cannot always work.  However, you must remember to only hit someone after they hit or try to hit you, and only hit them enough to the point they back off.  A true Harambit never starts a fight and if they have to be in one they know when it is over and when to stop.  Harambe is also aware of sports and knows that you must hit others to win sometimes, like boxing, just remember the above message and do not permanently hurt someone through the sport, compete but always show love to your opponent.


Back to loving others, the message here is just show random people the same love that you show your loved ones, simple as that.  When the world tries to bring you down into the spiral of hate and violence, stand your ground and show only love and peace in return.  When you have mastered loving yourself and loving others the world will be so much brighter to you, you will go through your day spreading love everywhere you go and the people around you will spread that same love.  Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a loving, happy day.  May Harambe always be with you.