Live while you are young

I always hear about people wanting to grow up fast to get rid of their “childish” ways, though one must ask themselves if that is really what they want.   “Live while you are young, for one day the choice to be young and free will be taken from you. You can either look back on the wonderful memories or wonder what could have been, so make the most of…

The new semester in school and the importance of YOU

For many, the next few weeks are going to be the start of a brand new school semester. One thing to keep in mind is that, while school is important, it should not stress you to the point of psychological or physical pain.  School has a bad habit of making people stress and worry constantly about their average, grades, assignments, tests, etc. In fact just by reading all of those…

The best day to start is today.

That goal you’ve had for a while, it’s easy to tell ourselves “ahh I should have started that 2 years ago”. What isn’t easy, is to say that you missed your first shot, but the next best time to do it is today. So whatever goals you have, whether it’s losing 10 pounds, getting a new car or asking out that person you like, the best time to get started…

Wednesday Wisdom

“If the loss of someone would make you sad, do not let petty things stand in your way. Apologize, make up and make more memories together, for one day you will not have this luxury” – Harambe It is so easy to get caught up in these small issues, the ‘he said she said’ of daily life. We so often forget how limited our time on this beautiful planet is,…

The new year

2018, the newest chapter in all of our lives, I can only imagine the wonders that this year will bring all of us.   I hope Harambe has been with all of you in my absence. It won’t happen again, long story short I was trying to find my way and now I have found a place of comfort in my life and I feel that I am able to…

New Button out for Fall season!

Check out this new button HERE! It’s a nice little button of Harambe on a pumpkin, or you can get it on a shirt HERE, may Harambe be with you all!

Buttons are out!

The new button store has been released, show your Harambe pride with these cool buttons, all buttons are 2.25″ and I hope you guys like the designs! May Harambe be with you all

Haramble Chapter 3 is up!

Go check out chapter 3, it’s a little bit of a sensitive topic so any comments are welcome here! I would love to have respectful talks with people about this 🙂

Tonight, update to the Haramble!

I’ll be updating the Haramble tonight, probably around 9 Eastern standard time! Check back for more! May Harambe be with you always!

Plans for this week

This week I plan to expand the selection of shirts and stuff, also I am going to be writing a bunch for the Haramble! Going to start talking about more current issues and how Harambe can help, things like that!