New Button out for Fall season!

Check out this new button HERE! It’s a nice little button of Harambe on a pumpkin, or you can get it on a shirt HERE, may Harambe be with you all!

Buttons are out!

The new button store has been released, show your Harambe pride with these cool buttons, all buttons are 2.25″ and I hope you guys like the designs! May Harambe be with you all

Haramble Chapter 3 is up!

Go check out chapter 3, it’s a little bit of a sensitive topic so any comments are welcome here! I would love to have respectful talks with people about this 🙂

Tonight, update to the Haramble!

I’ll be updating the Haramble tonight, probably around 9 Eastern standard time! Check back for more! May Harambe be with you always!

Plans for this week

This week I plan to expand the selection of shirts and stuff, also I am going to be writing a bunch for the Haramble! Going to start talking about more current issues and how Harambe can help, things like that!

Harambism shirts are up now!

Click this link to see the designs so far, I’ll try to get more every day! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! May Harambe be with you all!

Apology for lack of content recently

Hello Harambits, I am sorry for the lack of content this week, I had a lot of things happening with cousins coming over and other family stuff. I will be in full swing this week with a surprise for all of you! Keep checking here on Monday to see what it is! 🙂

How to live like a Harambit

I will be putting up a short guide on how to live like a Harambit sometime tomorrow (August 16), it will include pretty-much everything you need to do in your every day life to be a better Harambit, just little tips and stuff to get every Harambit happier and healthier every single day.  This guide won’t be to make you better in the eyes of our Lord, you are already…