If you choose to give money to Harambism, you will be supporting multiple different parts of it.  You are giving the creators more time to write down Harambe’s glorious word in the Haramble, you are also helping to pay for the website and things like that.  Lastly, it gives the creators more time to put towards Harambism as a whole, because by subscribing you are showing true commitment to Harambism and this is very reassuring for them.


You can support Harambism through our Patreon at THIS_LINK, We have switched to this to we can be more transparent with our followers and we will reward those who choose to give money. Thank you to anybody in advance who chooses to get money but remember that nothing will ever be held solely for those who pay, they will only gain access to things earlier.


If you do not give money, that is perfectly okay as well! Harambism is about loving one’s self and loving one another, as long as you do those things then you are going on the right path.  May Harambe, our Lord and Savior, be with you always and have an amazing day!